Cat Scratcher Post Pad
Cat Scratcher Post Pad
Cat Scratcher Post Pad
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Cat Scratcher Post Pad

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  • Provides Your Cat a Safe Area to Play, Scratch & Stretch All Day Long
  • Helps Train Your Cat to Minimize Scratching Other Surfaces & Furniture
  • Wicker-Like Substrate & Furry Outer Layer Offer Durability & Softness
  • Bonus Faux Mouse Head & Tail Plaything is Attached w/Elastic String
  • Velcro Strips on Backside Enable Pad to Wrap Around a Table Leg

    Your cat’s favorite new play zone. Cats are natural scratchers, and they need exercise and fun to stay healthy and well. The Jumbl cat scratcher pad offers you a simple, inexpensive way to encourage your cat to get the physical activity he or she needs. While the pad is constructed with a highly durable wicker-like material that can stand up to years of scratching, its outer layer is made of a furry, fuzzy material that your cat will just love rolling on. Perhaps equally valuable is the pad’s ability to save you from damage elsewhere in the house, as it can help keep your cat away from more expensive furniture and other sensitive surfaces. Includes a mouse-like plaything. To provide additional fun and further motivate your cat to be active, a furry little cat toy is attached to the scratcher pad. It is designed to look like a mouse’s head – to a cat, at least – with its whitish-gray hair, a red dot nose, and two black patches for ‘eyes’. It even sports a tail of hair to make it look more like the real thing. In addition, the string that connects the ‘mouse’ to the pad is elastic, which causes the toy to bounce back whenever your cat lets it go. This mimics the way a real live mouse would attempt to escape a cat’s grip, and provides for endless hours of catch-and-release fun. Wraps around most table legs. If you want to keep your cat close to your person, you can wrap the scratcher pad around a table leg. Velcro strips on its back adhere to corresponding strips on the front and ensure a lasting grip. This is especially useful when attending parties or visiting friends, as it enables you to keep an eye on your pet at all times. Another advantage of the Velcro design is that the pad thus becomes a vertical playing surface and not merely a lay-flat rug. Your cat will get some much-needed spinal stretching as he or she reaches up repeatedly. This also serves to enhance motor skill and maintain agility and flexibility.

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