Arf Pets Memory Training Activity Puzzle Toy
Arf Pets Memory Training Activity Puzzle Toy
Arf Pets Memory Training Activity Puzzle Toy
Arf Pets Memory Training Activity Puzzle Toy
Arf Pets Memory Training Activity Puzzle Toy
Arf Pets Memory Training Activity Puzzle Toy
Arf Pets

Arf Pets Memory Training Activity Puzzle Toy

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Arf Pets Dog Treat Dispenser – Dog Puzzle Memory Training Activity Toy – Treat While Train, Promotes Exercise by Rewarding Your Pet, Cat, Improves Memory & Positive Training for a Healthier & Happier Pet
  • ULTIMATE DOG MEMORY TOY – Memory Puzzle Dispenser Provides Entertaining Play, Encourages Exercise & Improves Memory by Rewarding Pets with Treats or Kibble
  • EXCITING TREAT DISPENSER – The Number of Treats Released Varies To Keep Things Extra Fun; Watch Your Pet’s Delight When They Hit the Jackpot & Get a Pile of Yummy Treats
  • ENTICING SOUNDS – Dog-Friendly Sounds Play with Each Push on the Release Button to Encourage Further Play. - 4 x size C batteries & 3 x size AAA batteries is needed
  • USE IN VARIOUS SETTINGS – Release Button Attaches to Main Unit or Can be Placed in Another Room; Includes Suction Cup for Glass Doors & Staking Peg for Outdoor Use
  • FUN FOR YOU & YOUR PET – Perfect Way to Spend Productive One-on-One Time with Your Pet; Exercise Your Dog or Cat of Any Breed and Size with Playful Activity & Tasty Treats


Make pet exercising a real treat!

Delight in having the smartest, healthiest pet on the block. Exercising your dog or cat is fun, easy and effective with the Memory Puzzle Activity Trainer from Arf Pets. Designed for memory improvement and exercise, the versatile activity trainer encourages your pet to run and play by rewarding with treats: Each time your pet presses the remote release button, an exciting sound plays, and treats dispense into the feeding tray. Increase the difficulty level by placing the remote release unit in another room. Give your fur-baby a healthy dose of daily exercise and a doggone good time with the activity trainer from Arf Pets in your cart today!

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Accentuate the “Paws”-i-tive

Fido or Fluffy will happily get off the floor and play when exercise is turned into a memory game involving food! They quickly learn to press the button with their nose or paws to get the treats they love.

Treats a Little or a Lot

The treat container holds plenty of yummy treats or dry food but releases a random amount each time the release button is pressed. This keeps play unpredictable and exciting for optimal results.

Play. Sounds. Action.

Your pet’s tail will wag even more when hearing the encouraging sound effect that plays when the treats fall into the feed tray. Triple rewards for being a good boy.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Add variety by placing the remote release button in another room. For extra fun, attach it to a glass door with the suction cup. Or take the play outside—the included peg holds the remote securely in soft earth.


Tech Specs:

  • Main unit dimensions: 7.8" x 7.8" x 9" (200 x 200 x 232mm)
  • Remote dimensions: 3" x 3" x 1" (75 x 75 x 35mm)
  • Main unit weight: 25 oz. (710g)
  • Remote weight: 2 oz. (60g)
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Remote distance: Indoors 164 ft. (50m) outdoors: 98 ft. (30m)
  • Main unit power supply: 4 x size C batteries (not included)

    How to Enjoy:

    • Fill treat dispenser with treats or dry food
    • Select one of two exciting sound effects
    • Place remote release button on toy/unit
    • Introduce your pet to the toy and demonstrate how it works
    • Take pride in having your own “teacher’s pet”!

      What You Get:

      • 1 x Memory puzzle activity trainer from Arf Pets
      • Treat scoop
      • Suction cup attachment & Peg for outdoor anchoring
      • User manual with Training guidelines
      • An easy, fun way to exercise your pet’s body and memory!

        Thanks for the Memories!

        Pets love games, treats and you. The memory activity trainer brings all their favorite things together for interactive, one-on-one time with you that keeps their bodies lean, their minds sharp and their hearts happy.


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